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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Research changing lives

Our research makes a real difference to people with diabetes.

In 2018 we saw more long-term studies begin to make major changes to everyday diabetes care.

Our research projects in numbers

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We funded 39 new cutting edge research projects in 2018, worth £6.7 million 

We helped launch these new projects as well as honouring our commitments to our ongoing research fellows.

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In our DiRECT trial 2nd year results, 36% of the participants are still in remission 

That is an astonishing 70% of the people who were in remission after the first year. A fantastic achievement. 


“Within just a few weeks of switching treatment, it became obvious that Jack’s blood sugar levels were really stable. He had stopped collapsing on the floor and he suddenly started smiling and laughing. For us, it really was a miracle.”

Read Emma and Jack's story

Our research achievements in 2018

  • The DiRECT trial funded by Diabetes UK has shown that some people can put Type 2 diabetes into remission with a low-calorie weight management programme. It's been a life-changing result from our largest ever research investment into one study.
  • Inspired by DiRECT, in 2018 NHS England announced a remission pilot scheme, while Scotland is rolling out similar programmes across the country.
  • The artificial pancreas took another step towards becoming part of routine care in 2018. This year, our research showed that it can also help people with Type 2 diabetes. It improved blood sugar control without any higher risk of hypos.
  • A gold standard for long-term treatment of neonatal diabetes was confirmed in 2018. This rare form of the condition is diagnosed in babies and caused by a faulty gene. 

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How we've helped

Tony was shocked when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He was offered a place on the DiRECT trial, and hasn't looked back since. 



Our artificial pancreas trials have changed lives. Participants now find it easier to manage their diabetes, and thanks to our work, more people with diabetes stand to benefit. The same can be said for our DiRECT study and lots more of our funded studies.

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Our research is changing lives. Find out about everything we're helping to fund locally and nationally. 

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“Going on DiRECT was a difficult decision to take, but it was the right one as my life has changed so much.”

Read Joe's story

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