Snacks for children

Snacks are often important for you to stop your blood glucose going too low.

When to have snacks

You might need to have them in between meals, before you go to bed or out to play to make sure that the amount of glucose in your blood does not go too low.

Take snacks with you

You will probably need to take some snacks with you to school, and out with you on day trips.


Ideas for good snacks

You may want to have one of the following for a snack:

  • a piece of fruit, or dried fruit
  • some toast, a crumpet, bagel, pitta bread, muffin or tea cake
  • a sandwich
  • plain biscuit
  • a cereal bar
  • individual cake bars or American muffins
  • crisps (lower fat are best, like Quavers, Twiglets, Snack-a-jacks).
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