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Caroline's gestational diabetes story


Caroline Mortiboys, 42, from Birmingham, was 36 when she fell pregnant.

“I was working at the time and felt really unwell at the 10-12 week point and had a really bad headache and felt dizzy. But after a trip to A&E I was back to normal and by the time I had the blood glucose test I was feeling well and if I hadn’t been told I had gestational diabetes I wouldn’t have known.

Perhaps age was a factor?

“My BMI was 24 before I became pregnant so I wasn’t classified overweight. There is no diabetes in my family either. But possibly my age was a factor.”

After the diagnosis Caroline was monitored closely. “I was in and out of hospital all the time,” she recalls.

Because her baby had grown large – more common with gestational diabetes – Caroline was induced at 36 weeks and after 24 hours in labour it was decided she should have an emergency Caesarean, because of the baby’s size.

A diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes

During the post birth tests – about 12 weeks afterwards – Caroline discovered she now had Type 2 diabetes. “It may be that I in fact had it pre-pregnancy,” says Caroline.

For her second pregnancy Caroline admits she knew what she was up against. “I had to ensure my blood sugar was under control. It was a bit clinical and to be honest we struggled.”

Caroline miscarried but when she conceived again, after a course of the fertility drug chlomiphene, she underwent scans on a weekly basis and kept her blood sugars under very tight control.

"I was very switched on to the risks ... I was very aware."

“The first pregnancy I was so wrapped up in the excitement of having a baby. But when it came to my second pregnancy I was very switched on to the risks and checking my blood sugar levels very regularly. With my first pregnancy I’d sometimes mistaken the symptoms of a hypo – sweatiness and blurred vision – for normal symptoms of being pregnancy. This time round I was very aware.

Having been insulin-dependent again during pregnancy Caroline is on a reduced insulin dose and medication.

Caroline is now the proud mum of two little girls, Abigail and Lucy.

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