Beth's story

One Monday morning, I was always getting up at night, losing a lot of weight so my mum got me tested for diabetes. He said it was just a bit high and I had diabetes. Later that day he rung up and said to go to hospital and to take sleeping stuff. We got there and the doctor said "good thing you’re here". My level was 25.6.




Beth - on the left, with her friend.

Learning about diabetes

I was in the hospital for three days. I found it so hard the first night. I was already testing myself. I made lots of friends. Me and my family, and also teachers, had to learn about diabetes and hypos but I have learnt to deal with it. I am no different to anyone else.

How I feel about diabetes

Sometimes you think why you and I are fed up with it. Then most days you’re no different to anyone. It just means your body’s not producing insulin, that’s it. Your friends and family are there for you to.

I am no different to anyone. Me and my sister do the same stuff. I love fishing, swimming and high 5. We are all the same.

Your comments

"woooo we came 4th" -Beth

"thanks mrs hughes your the best you have been so supportive were goin win" -Beth

"Beth is in my class, she has coped with her diabetes diagnosis extremely well. She manages her condition in such a mature manner, Beth is no different to anyone else in my class, she joins in with everything is will be playing in the High 5 county finals on Thursday! Hooray! Well done Beth, I'm so proud of you x!" -Mrs Hughes

"Its a bit like my story."- Cayley

"Sorry to hear when i was diagnosed which was August 2011 my bloods were higher than 30."- Jessica

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