Bobby's story

Hi, I'm Bobby and I'm nearly seven. I was poorly over the Christmas hoildays in 2009; all I did was drink and sleep. My mummy took me to the out of hours GP's in the evening of Boxing Day. I was admitted to the children's centre and was told there that I had type 1 diabetes.

"I was scared"

I was really scared when the nurse first told me, and I still get scared now. I don't like the needles in my fingers, or my insulin. My mummy helps me lots and so does my nurse Kate.

When I was in the hosiptal the kind nurses gave me a big fluffy white polar bear to look after and I took him home with me. I get scared when I'm alone in bed at night but I have my polar bear and other teddies to look after me. I'm hoping to get a pump soon, so I will write back when I have one.

Thanks for reading my little story - Bobby.

Your comments

"i was sort of like that, i also got a teddie. i'm thinking about getting the pump aswell." - Katelyn

'Hi Bobby, My name is Emily and I'm 7. I was diagnosed in Jan 2010 so that was round the same time as you, I felt scared too and I'm quite jealous that you got a polar bear teddy, I didn't get one haha you are very lucky.'- Emily

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