Chloe's story

Hi my name is Chloe

I am 10 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in September at the age 7. I have to check my bloods four times a day and do my insulin four times a day. I am now used to my diabetes and my routine and now I understand my diabetes never lets me down. Now i've found this website I feel allot happier to find people with the same thing as me.

I have once had a hypo at school just in the middle of assembly I ended up walking to outside my school then I woke up and found myself in the toilets with my nan who was doing my bloods for me.It was scary then I walked to the car and went home then hours later I felt better.I don't know anyone else in school or outside school with the same thing as me so on this website I am hoping to find some friends to talk to. 


Your comments

"I think its a brilliant idea to let everyone know what Diabetes is. Well Done!!!!!"– Lauren

"I had a hypo in assembly to its terrible!I was walking in to the hall when my vision blurred and I was shaking I just collapsed and I woke up in bed at home."– Tia

"I have had a hypo in school before and i have been sent home  afew times too. im happy i found this website."- Sophie Elizabeth 

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