Cole's story



Cole Barnard at Parliament with his dad, John.

Cole Barnard, 6, from Portsmouth, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in September 2007. He used to be a happy and healthy child at school, but after his diagnosis he began to feel isolated and left out.

Cole was made to eat lunch by himself in a separate room in case he had a ‘hypo’ and when the member of staff appointed to give him insulin injections left, the school refused to take any responsibility. Cole's parents had to go in to school every day to ensure Cole got the vital insulin he needs to keep his blood glucose levels stable.

Eventually, Cole’s parents had enough and, thanks to the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Children’s Fund, they moved Cole to a different school. His new school has taken a huge interest in and responsibility for Cole's condition and he is now happy at school.

“Cole is back to being our little boy and we can’t tell you how the quality of life for the whole family has improved,” says his mum, Katharine.

Cole was one of more than 200 children who attended Diabetes UK’s children’s lobby of Parliament on Tuesday 18 November 2008. The children told MPs from their region about their concerns over unfair differences in the level of support children with diabetes get in schools in England.

To find out more about the lobby, see our news story here.

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"Hiya, av had diabetes since I was 12, it was my 12th birthday when I got told I had diabetes. It was really difficalt coz I did not know anything about it. Had diabetes for nearly 3 tears as I'll be 15 in january. I get annoyed as most people eat food that you can eat lots of. It must be hard for you as you still young and you felt left out , but dont let it get to you. Av neaver really met anyone else with dieabetes, only at the hospital , Bye x" -

"I was diagnosed on March 2006 with type one diabetes age six.

Some times I can feel left out with my diabetes but my teacher made a worry box for us to put anything that was bothering us and then she would talk to us about it in private and speak who was making you sad." -

"WOW! That must have been hard for you. I hope you are enjoying your new school." -Katie

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