Hiba's story

My name is Hiba and I am nine years old. I have Type 1 diabetes and this is my story.

One Saturday afternoon

One cold, wet, rainy Saturday afternoon when I was six years old, my mum took me and my sister to St Mary’s Hospital in London because I was feeling very sick. I couldn’t even walk – I felt dizzy and lost a lot of weight.

When we got to the hospital they checked my urine and told my mum I had diabetes.

Learning about diabetes

We all did not know a lot about diabetes. I stayed in hospital for one week. My mother and I had to learn about diabetes – it was a lot, and I was very upset and scared. But my mum helped me not feel scared.

Three years on I have learned to control my diabetes. Itreat my hypos(which is when my sugar levels drop, and I feel shaky) by telling an adult and getting something sugary (which is also great to eat!).

What diabetes means to me

All diabetes means to me is that my body does not have insulin to carry the sugar around my body. I have to eat and I have to control what I eat – not too many sugary foods, as I get headaches.

I have four insulin injections a day. At school I take insulin before my lunch.

How I feel about diabetes

I don’t mind having diabetes. It doesget me downsometimes but my mother doesn’t treat me differently to my sister. So I have to get on with it – I am ok with that because diabetes is not me, it is just a part of me but not all of me.

I get upset when I can’t eat a lot without insulin and I have too many injections, but I am getting used to it.

Diabetes at school

Sometimes at school I feel shaky and dizzy but I go to the welfare officer, who looks after me. I test my blood and if it’s low I get to have something sugary – and if it’s low at lunchtime I get to go first, which is great!

Finding help from others

There are lots of kids with diabetes – I have met a few and they are just like me. My mum’s learned a lot and she makes me lots of healthy, tasty foods which I love. She looks after all the boring stuff like changing injections but I will do it on my own when I am older, as my mum will not be with me all the time – but that is fine.

I am the same as anyone else

I still do all the things my sister does – I play sports, I love swimming, I love Drama at school and I love having fish and chips on Friday at school.

I am the same as anyone, only I have diabetes – which means I have to take care more of my health by eating healthily and monitoring my blood sugar levels.

Tell me your story too

I hope you like my story and if you have diabetes and you are around my age, I would like to hear your story.

Your comments

"I'm 11 and I was diagnosed when I was 9yrs old with Type 1! I HATE INJECTIONS but I've just started on insulin pump therapy look it up. I love it as it means no more injections! My symptoms were a bit like yours but i was rushed into hospital after i stopped breathing my blood sugar was 46.8!! I was in the ICU for 2 days and the childrens ward for one day! i cant remember them telling me "You have type 1 Diabetes" but i just got on with it and its part of my everyday life now!"- Ellis"Hi I am Yasmin. I have diabetes and I know what you mean. When I was first told I didn't quite knoww what it was so I had done some research on it and then I knew what it was." -Yasmin

"Hi i am Hiba and thankyou all for commenting on my page i am now eleven and it has been hard but im copping with it. Hi Millie and i am going to answer your Qustions well.. i have type 1 so i take injections." -Hiba

"It is true. It is hard at first but after a while you get used to it ." -

"You're exactly the same as me. You're healthy, you've got a lot of stuff for a day to do, you've got a supportive mum - helps, you get annoyed with it some times and you have a sister - just maybe not a more annoying one than my one. I have two brothers as well. I have two questions for you to answer for me. Do you have Type 2 diabetes or Type 1 diabetes? And how old are you? If you're near my age we could become best friends." -

"Hi, I'm 11 and I've had diabetes for about 3 months. The thing that annoys me is games because I sometimes have low readings after. It used to be low around mid morning then I started having a bigger breakfast and now it's back to normal." -

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