Kirby's story




Hi, I am Kirby. I am 11 and I have only just found out I have diabetes.

I was frightened at first and I didn't really know what diabetes was. My doctor told me about how diabetes will not change my life and that you have to watch out for things. One of the things that I had to look out for was my feet. I got quite scared because I am a dancer.

As I carried on dancing, I realised my feet were ok and that nothing would really stop me from doing anything I wanted to. I was quite scared about the hypos too but when I knew my friends and my family were with me all the time, I got more confident. Bye x

Your comments

"I'm Gemma and I can relate to you, I was petrified when I got diagnosed 4 weeks ago. I'm 11 too, I was in hospital for 3 days. I hope your ok and dancing goes well." -Gemma

"Hi i am Abigail and i am 8, i was diagnosed when i was 7 i am getting used to it, but sometimes lately i get really cheesed off with it." -Abigail

"it sounds like you are a very good dancer dont stop" -Beth

"Heyya, I have only just been diagnosed this year with Type 1 diabetes and I'm also a dancer. I dance freestyle and because we have loads of jumps and spins and runs, I was also very worried. I haven't had a hypo at dancing yet but i know the symptoms and me and my mum are slowly teaching my dance teacher about diabetes." -Stacey

"Hi, I'm Freja. I love to dance too. I do all different types. I am 10 years old and I find that I get along fine and don't have hypos as long as I have a sports drink or a little bit of chocolate before my dance lessons!" -Freja

"I have only just found that I had it this week and I have Type 1 and it is hard to understand all about it all at once but when you learn more, you understand it much better." -Ava

"Hiya. It was interesting reading Kirby's story of how she tackled diabetes. I would describe myself as CANT STOP DANCING! In primary school, I had my own dancing club where I teached Bollywood dancing and street dancing but diabetes could not stop me. So dont feel alone you're not the only one. That goes to everyone!

Thanks for sharing your story Kirby xxxx" -Sonia

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