Nicola's story




I am Nicola, aged 11 years. I have Type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease. I live with my Mum, Dad and big sister Linda.

It's not always easy living with diabetes and I do get annoyed and angry sometimes. When I'm in hospital and you look around you, you realise how lucky you really are because there are some children who have worse illnesses that they may not get better from or have a really long battle in front of them. In a way I am lucky to just have diabetes but I really hate thecoeliac.

I love running about or going on my bike and I'm looking forward to going to the high school after the summer holidays.


Your comments

"Hey I'm a diabetic and coeliac too. I've also had cateracts in both eyes too im very new to all of this. I've been diabetic since december 26th 2011 and coeliac since about three months after. Diabetes coeliac annoys me too because of how expensive it all is and the fact that you cannot have things you make at school. I'm 10 and I'm nearly leaving primary school, but it just becomes something that u just have to do and thats all that's said about it really." -Megan

"Hi Steffani, our dietitian says that in the short term the symptoms may not be noticeable but if foods containing gluten continue to be eaten over a longer time, it can cause damage inside to someone with coeliac disease and make them very ill.

3 months is a very short time for a trial like this, so we would advise, as the tests show that coeliac is still there, to go back to the gluten free foods." -My Life

"hi Nicola I also have both coeliac and diabetes and I hate it too. I recently went on a gluten challenge which was I ate 'normal' foods for 3 month then I had a biopsy to see if I still had it but unfortunately I did but I don't get it because my nurse said if I eat gluten I will get seriously ill but when I ate the 'normal' foods i was fine" -Steffani

"Hi I'm Lucy. I've only ever met two people with both diseases before. I also find it a bit hard sometimes, but I would rather have just coeliac." -Lucy

"I have diabetes and coeliac disease and I struggle to eat out but now everything is getting easier last week my mum made me chocolate orange muffins and yesterday she made me cocunut and cherry - they were lush. Also she has made me bread that, the first time she made it, it was just a crust with nothing in the middle and then the fourth time she made it was just right. Also have you tried the new Bread Genius? If not, you should. It's best toasted (I think) and Glutafin Fresh is slightly sweet ." -

"You're right, you are very lucky you just have diabetes, like me, because when I was in hospital I was oposite a poor girl fast asleep in a buggy all day." -

"I agree with what you are saying. A coeliac diet is hard to live with, I would much rather just have diabetes and inject daily than have to strictly watch what I eat. Eating out, whether it be a party or going to a friends to play, can be really hard.

It is becoming easier though as more and more places are becoming aware. It's good to know that I'm not alone with the two illnesses and that there are other kids just like me." -

"Wow! I didn't think anybody had diabetes AND coeliac like me! Your story is really interesting and I hope that you can cope with it better than I do." -

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