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Stary night upon I was sleeping 


Hi, I was diagnosed two months ago with diabetes type 1.It was really horrible because we had been to the doctors 3 times! However they still did not realize... Consequently, i woke up one morning not able to breath properly, i was sooooo thirsty and i could hardly move. my dad heard me stumbling about and he phoned the ambulance straight away from then on i dont remember anything because i had passed out.

Luckily, i had a narrow ascape from you know what and from then on i have been carefully looked after both in school and at home! I am 10 years old and i would like to tell you some of the symtoms of diabetes: your eye sight will change you will be VERY thirsty you will need the loo ALOT your food wont stay down you will feel very tired and you could have a cold feeling in your stomache! (like me) thanks!



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