I got diabetes Type 1 when I was 7, but now i'm 10 years old, i've had it for three years,and sometimes i wake up in the morning and i feel like eating sweets but i cant, so sometimes i get quite upset, and when other people eat sweets infront of me i just have to get along with it. I have been in hospital five times or more of sickness. When i go to other peoples houses they are worrying all the time if i'm okay. Sometimes people dont let me go to their houses incase i get poorly or ill, sometimes they dont know what to do, but since i was 7 i have been doing it independently. I started with injections and now i have a pump.  


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"Hi! I have had diabetes for a year and 8 months. I hate needles and hypos aswells because hypos make me sleepy and worn out and needles give me bruises but we have to get used to it and im happy that youre comfortable about it! xxx"  – Asia

"Hi, I have diabetes as well I got it in August 2011 a week before starting secondary school. I am sorry you had that but glad you are alright now."- Jessica

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