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Hi I'm Gemma I'm 11 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 4 weeks ago.

One morning I woke up to a normal school day when my mum said I had to go to the doctors. We went and I was petrified, crying while the doctor got a needle (which looked like a sewing needle to me) and pricked my finger for my first blood glucose test. My mum and dad noticed a few symptoms of diabetes like: drinking a lot, struggling to sleep, feeling sick at night and tiredness. The doctor said you need to go to hospital NOW. Me and my mum got prepared for if I had to stay in hospital. We drove to Hull Royal as fast as we could. We darted to the children`s A&E department and waited anxiously for the nurse to call my name. They tried to do my bloods by pricking my finger with an evil pricker but it failed, they tried four times but gave up. Then they took me up to the 13th floor in the lift in a wheel chair, and I got weighed on the assessment unit then a doctor came in and gave me a detailed description of diabetes, and said I'd be in there for two-three days. Then I had to wait 5 hours before they took me to the children`s ward, bed 3B.

I was very worried about what I would have to do later on in life. One special nurse gave me a lot of confidence she was classed as my night nurse. I stayed in for three days and made two friends. I am now doing my own finger prick and I am working towards doing my insulin injections, but still learning about sites to inject in and the technique. Make sure when you are diagnosed you keep your head up high and try your best. Everybody gets worried sometimes. 

Love Gemma

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