I was told I had diabetes when I was seven years old. I didn't really know what it was and how bad it could get. The first time I had my injection it really hurt. The second time I had I it I hated it. A few years past I still hated the injection but if I didnt have them I would die after a few months.

They changed my insulin. It was rubbish cause every time I injected, my arm and leg swole and they hurt. About seven or eight months ago I was put on the insulin pump. I'm 13 now now. With this pump I've lost 4 stone. This insulin pump has changed my life for good and I'm not going back to injecting ever again.




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"hi i know u from skwl it must be hard living with it xxx <3" -

"I have injections now and it really hurts when i do inject. ive never heard of an insulin pump could you please tell me more about this thank you xx" -Olivia

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