Hi  - I was only two and a half when i was diagnosed with Type 1 and I am six in a few weeks. I am on the animas Pump and feel happier on it. My life is easier, but I still don't have complete comtrol over my blood glucose. My Mum and Dad come into school every two hours to test me and give me my insulin.

My friends know about my pump but I call it my computer. They help me when i feel poorly. I have been in hospital a few times now with DKA as I always seem to catch colds and bugs when they are going round school. I have an older brother Brandon-Lee who I fight with all the time, but when something is wrong he always helps me and gets my mum and dad if we are playing out. I don't mind having my pump as it looks cool and means I can play more easily. I like motorbikes and want to race them when I'm older and bigger.





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