This is a picture of me and my siblings in a park in Birmingham (where I used to live) taken by my mother in Winter time.

I'm Safiya and I am 10 years old. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1 in 2007, I lost a lot of weight, was felling very ill in class, needed to go to the toilet a lot and my legs felt very weak. I had to stay in hospital for a week, but I used to go there before breakfast time at the hospital as I had to be monitored and go at about 8:30.

After that week I went home and did injections twice a day. After about a year and a half I started to use a pump. Now I am living in Saudi Arabia. I would love someone around my age with diabetes Type 1 to be my friend. 




Your comments

"Hello , My name is Libby and I am a diabetic . I'm 12 years old and had the same symptoms as you and I'm also on a insulin pump and i find it much easier." -Libby

"Hi - my name is Diaz and I am diabetic too, like you and Libby. I am almost 12 and a getting a pump in May. I had lots of your symptoms too and a few more. I wish you all the best!" -Diaz  

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