Who has got diabetes?

Who did you guess? Have a look below to find out who has got diabetes.

If you managed to guess right – well done! – because there is no way of telling who has diabetes just by looking.

If you didn't get them right –we're not surprised!

People with diabetes don't look any different.Diabetes is just something that's special about them, like having brown eyes or being good at football. We all have things about us that make us a little bit different, and diabetes is just one of those things. It's part of what makes you “you”.






I'm Liz. I'm 7 and I've just been diagnosed with diabetes and I find it confusing! I like drawing and riding my scooter!


















Hi, I'm Nadeem, I'm 11. I've had diabetes since I was a baby. I also have coeliac disease. I like sport and acting!












Hey, I'm Jack and I'm 8. I use a pen to treat my diabetes. I like skateboarding, computer games and football! 
















My name is Ella and I am 9. I use a pump to help look after my diabetes. I like reading and drawing!












Meet their friends

Now you’ve met Jack, Ella, Nadeem and Liz, let’s introduce their friends.

Find out who’s who

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